Hold-up Red Stockings with Lace

For a flawless appearance, these red hold-up stockings with a 9-centimeter lace embellishment that exudes a unique sense of luxury. The silicone reinforcement on the inside ensures non-slip application, providing stability and comfort throughout the day.

These 20-den socks are the ideal choice for any occasion, highlighting femininity and style while offering exceptional support due to the silicone reinforcement they feature. The Oeko-Tex certification guarantees the quality and safety of the materials, making these socks both a fashionable and environmentally sustainable choice.

With their exceptional quality, these stockings are an essential piece in every woman’s wardrobe. They elevate and enhance your style, offering the comfort and confidence you need with every step you take.

In summary, these hold-up stockings with a 9 cm lace adornment represent an outstanding choice for every woman seeking the perfect balance between style, comfort, and high quality. Their unique design, combined with silicone reinforcement for non-slip application, provides ultimate support and ease as you wear them throughout the day.


80% polyamide, 20% spandex.

  • 9 cm wide lace trim
  • Silicone reinforcement for a non-slip fit
  • Yarn weight 20 den
  • Oeko-Tex certified

L, M, S, XL